Who will you find at Clare Antiques and Interiors?

Clare Antiques and Interiors has the best team of staff in Europe.  Each one is unique in his own particular sphere.  When they come together, they are awesome.  They cater for the needs of nearly a hundred dealers who entrust their wares for presentation in designated spaces within the building.  Their dedication is beyond belief.  Their enthusiasm is akin to none.

David runs the warehouse building in its entirety like clockwork. He was described in one of the glossies recently as “leaping from floor to floor like a gazelle”.  David is a man of many talents.  This enables him to transform from chief executive to financial director and from advertising mogul to public relations, all in the blink of an eye.  He also makes his own bread.   David excels as a multi tasker and he is a trouble shooter of the highest calibre.  Our dealers often telephone David for advice and his counsel is much sought after.  His quick fire wit and humorous asides are legendary.

Michael is an artistic guru and he can turn the gloomiest space into a breathtaking display that packs a powerful punch.  His ensembles are innovative and smart.  With a tweak here and a pinch there, Michael can transform a lacklustre set into an exciting visual concept to delight the senses and create maximum impact.  His opinion in style and fashion is positively clamoured after.  Many clientele travel a great distance to see Michael, they desire that his flair will rub off on them.

Robin is a super salesman who catapults around the warehouse armed with his encyclopedic knowledge.  He can frequently be heard saying “that could be yours, madam”.  There’s nothing worth knowing about that he doesn’t know in the field of antiques.  Robin loves to be challenged on his knowledge and he always delivers the goods.  He has a cheery word and a new joke for every situation.  Robin always comes up with a novel logistical solution for the buyer at home and abroad.



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5 responses to “Who will you find at Clare Antiques and Interiors?

  1. Paul

    I’m heading to Clare this weekend – I’ll definitely pop in!!

  2. kim

    What a great place, jam packed with superb gems, large furniture to pretty little presents. Allow yourself plenty of time to visit all floors, and yes the fellows are very helpful.

  3. wow, what a fabulous shop, good value for money , delivery can b a arranged , most helpful staff, ..and a pleasure to hunt for bargains on 4 floors.a treasure cove for dealers and public alike .

  4. Janice Kinsey

    I loved the comments about David, Michael and Robin, I thought they were hilarious and very good descriptrions.

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